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Don’t study harder. Prepare smarter
— with

Don’t study harder. Prepare smarter
— with

Prepare like a perfect-scorer. Achieve the impossible.
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Infinite challenges,
limitless growth
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AI-customized analytics,
accelerate learning
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AI insights,
targeted strategies
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Eliminate weakness,
achieve greatness
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Live tracking,
instant progress
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outsmart competitions

Real stories of success:

“Aha AI’s benchmark comparisons allowed me to gauge my progress accurately. With its help, I achieved remarkable improvement in my SAT scores and gained confidence for the test day.”
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17, New York
“Reviewing my performance using Aha AI was a game-changer for my ACT prep. The detailed breakdown of my strengths and areas needing improvement guided my study strategy effectively.”
Maya's picture
16, Los Angeles
"Aha AI's progress tracking feature kept me on target during my SAT preparation. Witnessing my advancement over time motivated me to keep pushing my boundaries."
Ethan's picture
18, Chicago
"Analyzing my weaknesses through Aha AI was instrumental in my ACT journey. I could focus on specific areas, and the personalized recommendations ensured I covered all bases."
Sophia's picture
17, Houston
"I can't thank Aha AI enough for its role in my improved SAT performance. The benchmark comparisons gave me a clear perspective on where I stood in relation to my goals."
Liam's picture
16, Miami
"The ability to review my performance with Aha AI's insights made my ACT preparation much more effective. It's like having a personal tutor guiding me through."
Ava's picture
18, San Francisco
"Aha AI's progress tracking feature was a lifesaver during my SAT prep. It transformed my study routine from aimless to structured, resulting in a significant score boost."
Jackson's picture
17, Boston
"Identifying my weaknesses through Aha AI's analysis was pivotal for my ACT success. It allowed me to target problem areas and turn them into strengths."
Mia's picture
16, Seattle
"Aha AI's benchmark comparisons were a reality check for my SAT preparation. They motivated me to strive for excellence and gave me a competitive edge."
Noah's picture
18, Atlanta
"Thanks to Aha AI, I could review my performance in detail for my ACT prep. This personalized approach helped me refine my study plan and achieve my dream score."
Olivia's picture
17, Dallas
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Access 1500+ SAT-style questions. Sharpen your skills effectively.
Get real-time performance insights. Personalized recommendations for improvement.
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1000+ tailored practice tests and study materials to conquer the ACT exam confidently.
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Access 1200+ ISEE-style questions for rigorous practice.
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Explore 1000+ SSAT-style questions for comprehensive practice.
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Unlock 1300+ PSAT-style questions to sharpen skills.
AI-guided insights fine-tune performance areas.
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Review performance

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Supercharge your preparation, turbocharge your scores

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Supercharge your preparation, turbocharge your scores.

Frequently asked questions


What is Aha?
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Aha is the exam-prep analytics platform that helps students improve and achieve their dream scores. Aha is the the newest pure-digital method for perfecting your score.

Aha delivers the world’s only AI-analytics online learning experience. It is simply the most effective and result-delivering exam prep tool available.

What is included in Aha membership?
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Subscription membership includes unlimited access to detailed solution and problem-solving explanations. In addition, you get exclusive access to paid-only premium features that will supercharge your score.

Why should I try Aha?
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Practice makes perfect. Aha offers unlimited number of questions generated by AI to fit your learning and weaknesses. You will achieve targeted improvement to turn your dream score into reality. Dream. Aim. Perfect.

How do I start?
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Sign up now for a free trial. You will have unlimited access to our proprietary AI exam coach instantly.

Who created Aha and why?
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We are a team of perfect scorers who want to help you succeed. And we know exactly how. We want to enable all students to achieve their target scores and get into their dream schools.

Pricing & Payment

How much do I need to pay?
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Nothing during your free trial period. After your trial period, you will be able to select monthly or yearly options.

In addition, you will be able to purchase avatars that will save you even more money.

How do I cancel?
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If you don’t want to continue, you can cancel your membership renewal through your profile account settings page. You can cancel or change your plans anytime. Please note that there are no refunds for partially unused membership periods.

Feature Spotlights

What are your most popular and useful features?
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Our AI processes over 100 million data points to help you realize your true potential.
1. Aha’s real-time score projections help you monitor your progress to achieving your target score.
2. As a paying user, you will be able to practice hyper-personalized problems and unlimited mock exams.
3. You will identify your weakness and analyze where you need to improve.
4. You will be able to challenge your friends and earn points and discounts.

What are your coming-soon features?
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We will continue to offer powerful exclusive features to our premium paying-users. Look out for:
1. Real-time global challenges.
2. Achievement badges and Aha points.
3. Acceptance probability projection.
4. Live 1-on-1 help to propel your success with world-class tutors — whenever, wherever.
5. Message others to discuss questions and topics.

I have more questions. Where do I get help?
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Please visit our comprehensive FAQ here